Youth Advisory Board

Our new Youth Advisory Board will work with Career Ready’s Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees to help steer our work and amplify the voice of young people in everything we do.

About Our Youth Advisory Board

Our Youth Advisory Board is made up of eight young people, aged 25 or under, from across the UK, who have varied, lived experiences of social mobility. 

Meeting four times a year, they will advise on current issues affecting young people, make suggestions for future programme improvements, and run campaigns and events for young people and other stakeholders.

The Chair will be invited into a Trustee role to ensure a link between the Trustees and the Youth Advisory Board. And a Career Ready Executive Sponsor will provide general help and guidance to the Board and will Co-Chair during the first year of the group.

Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing more on the exciting projects and campaigns the Youth Advisory Board will work with us to deliver, as well as additional voices we will add to the Board. 

This group of inspirational young people is exciting and full of hope and determination to do more for their peers. I can’t wait to work with them and connect their love for our work to our plans to do better things for even more young people.

Mark Smith, COO, Career Ready
Meet Our Youth Advisory Board
Victoria Ayodeji

“Having attended a state school in East London and not knowing anyone that had gone from East London to Oxbridge, talking to my Career Ready mentor was so motivating.”

Victoria’s Story 

Shannon Todd

“Career Ready shows young people what they are capable of and removes the expectations of society from them.”

Shannon’s Story 

Marley Ahmed

“I believe that we should each be empowered to experience and achieve everything we’re capable of. By joining the Career Ready Youth Board I hope to play a part in influencing this for the better.”

Marley’s Story 

Jess Oliver

“I believe that young people should be able to achieve their potential, whatever it is they choose to do in life. I can’t wait to work with my fellow board members to help shape Career Ready’s work and make this possible for more young people.”

Jess’ Story 

Eloise Skinner

“A lot of young people have faced a lifetime of challenges which has left them feeling voiceless and powerless in the world. I was inspired to join the Youth Advisory Board because I believe that each young person should have the opportunity to author the future they want.”

Eloise’s Story 

Cameron Spence

“An important lesson I’ve learnt so far in my career, and one which I hope to bring to the Youth Advisory Board, is that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect journey’ to success.”

Cameron’s Story

Beth Ward

“I was inspired to join the Youth Advisory Board so I could help ensure that young people like me receive the support we need to deal with the challenges we face.” 

Beth’s Story 

Brooklyn Brigham

“Young people are confronted with significant social, political, and environmental issues. Through the board, I hope to play a role in solving these issues and contribute to creating a much more positive environment for other young people.”

Brooklyn’s Story