Shannon Todd is 20 and from Dunfermline, Scotland. She’s a former Career Ready student and currently a 3rd year apprentice at TechnipFMC specialising in HSE and studying Manufacturing Engineering. Outside of work, she’s an avid reader and a musician in a brass band. Here, she shares her story and why she joined the Career Ready Youth Advisory Board.

Empowerment over expectations

One of the greatest barriers young people face is expectation and assumption. We’re expected to be happy and have no struggle. It’s assumed we’re lazy, or we have no work ethic. It’s an expectation and assumption placed upon us to go to university and get a highflying job. We’re expected to keep moving in life, keep making money, keep getting better and expected to never stop.

It can be draining for young people and make you feel out of control. This is a mentality that begins at school, and never really ends until you break your own cycle, which for me was Career Ready. Career Ready shows young people what they are capable of and removes the expectations of society from them.

My Career Ready story

I was a mentee on the Career Ready programme during one of the toughest times in my (short) life and it gave me some of the best experiences and kickstarted my career.

I met with Katy every week to manage my progress and talk about the career options available to me. Katy was also very supportive in the build-up to my internship at TechnipFMC and she helped me to get over my anxiety. I also loved my experience of having a paid, four-week internship at Technip FMC. So much so that I’m now working there as an apprentice, pursuing my dream of manufacturing engineering.

Shaping a better future for young people

The impact Career Ready had on my life is what inspired to get involved with the Youth Advisory Board. The program is already a wonderful idea which helped me immensely in my path, and I’d love to help make this a universal opportunity for every mentee and mentor alike.

In fact, I’m also now preparing to be a mentor myself. I believe that my time on the programme gives me the ability to relate with young people and their experiences, and what may be required to best help them. I can’t wait to meet with my mentee and help them feel empowered, free from expectations, like I was on the programme.

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