Where we

We work in 101 Local Authorities across the UK, from Essex to Elgin, prioritising areas which research shows need our support the most. If you’d like to find out more about our work in your local area or to get involved then contact our team of Regional Managers.

Our areas

To ensure that we support the young people, schools & colleges, and areas who need our support the most, we’re guided by Government data on Indices of Multiple Deprivation and the Careers & Enterprise Company’s Cold Spot framework. Meaning that we work in:

Our schools & colleges

To ensure that we work inschools and colleges most in need of our support, we work with schools and colleges who meet the following framework:

  • Non-fee-paying, UK state schools and colleges
  • In an existing Career Ready area
  • Priority is also given to non-academically selective schools and colleges
Get involved

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