Who we support

As a social mobility organisation we work with young people, schools, and colleges who, research shows, face the barriers in education and employment which cause their talents to often go undiscovered and unfulfilled.

our young people

The challenges our young people face are real, but we do not believe in describing them as disadvantaged. We see it as a label which simply reinforces negative stereotypes and makes it even harder for young people.

The young people we support are advantaged in so many ways. They have talent, ambition and drive. But they go undiscovered because of circumstances out of their control. We should not add extra barriers through negative labels.

Our mission is to change stereotypes, empower young people and give them a platform to flourish. That’s why we see our young people as undiscovered talent, not disadvantaged.

We support those who need a platform to reach their potential, working with young people who meet a combination of criteria, including the following:

  • Eligible for Free School Meals in the past six years
  • Eligible for Educational Maintenance Allowance 
  • Parental occupation indicating lack of access to professional networks and/or low household income
  • No parental history of higher education
  • Physical, mental or learning disability
  • Experience of Local Authority care and/or estranged from family
  • Caring responsibilities
Our Schools & Colleges

To ensure that we support schools and colleges in areas most in need of our support, we’re guided by governments’ data on Indices of Multiple Deprivation and the Careers & Enterprise Company’s Cold Spots framework.

We work with schools and colleges who meet the following framework:

  • Non-fee-paying, UK state schools and colleges
  • In an existing Career Ready area
  • Priority is also given to non-academically selective schools and colleges

Schools and colleges which meet one or more of our criteria but are not in one of our active areas are welcome to get in touch and a member of our team will contact you if an opportunity to work together arises.

of students will be the first in their family to go to university.
We work in 33/50 of the most disadvantaged Local Authorities in England.
We work in 6/9 Scotland’s Attainment Challenge Local Authorities, and a total of 18 LAs.

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