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Virtual Work Experience

Our Virtual Work Experience ran throughout October 2020 and gave over 500 young people the vital workplace skills and experience they needed to succeed in the world of work. 

Our summer 2021 placements
How it worked

Our Virtual Work Experience placements were set up in response to the Covid pandemic and the cancellation of summer internships.

They were designed to give young people an authentic insight into what it’s like to ‘work from home’ and to gain first-hand experience of the world of work:

  • Students were provided with a set job description and a host who supported them during the placement.
  • Students carried out real work which added value to their host employer, especially in ‘hackathon’ style placements.
  • Students were invited to real meetings, where appropriate.

The Virtual Work Experience opportunities offered by employers included:

  • 1-5 day experiences incorporating industry insight, skills sessions, and group or individual projects
  • Ongoing weekly sessions over a number of weeks including skills sessions, industry insights and project work. 

Virtual Work Experience placements were available to young people on the Career Ready programme in our partner schools. 

“Our learners fed back about the new skills they had learnt, for example Google Slides and another said it had opened her mind to new career paths.”

School coordinator

“They showed exceptional analytical skills, presentation design skills and communication – some of the best work I’ve ever seen coming from students at this stage in their education.”

Global Chief HR Officer , Quantum Black

“My placement was amazing. I’m an extremely nervous person but I participated in so much team work and created new ideas with people I’ve never spoken to before.”

the impact of virtual work experience

Virtual Work Experience gave students vital insights into the world of work, the nature of home-working, and core professional skills.

In Scotland, students were also able to elect to participate in the SQA Personal Development Self and Work Unit and receive points on their school leaver certificate.

of young people said that VWEX helped them feel prepared for work
of young people said that VWEX improved their self-confidence
of employers said they found value in engaging with young people virtually
of employers said VWEX was a great way to connect with young people
Get in touch

We’re in the process of scoping out our 2021 summer internships and it’s likely for some employers this might involve virtual elements. 

If you are an employer and you would like to get involved or find out more: