Nia Jones from Cardiff and Vale College graduated from the Career Ready programme in 2019. Interested in construction, Nia enjoyed a four week paid internship at Wates, where her mentor Neil also worked. Here, Nia explains how it has given her the skills and confidence to kick-start a rewarding career at Arup in an industry she is passionate about.

Having a mentor working in the same industry as my college course was really helpful. Not only did I get an insight into my preferred industry, I felt like my coursework really benefited from the added understanding my mentor was able to give me. My college’s Career Ready Coordinator also helped me thoroughly throughout the year, teaching me a lot about workplace skills. Her support, effort and encouragement were limitless which really boosted my confidence.

During the summer I was fortunate enough to have a four week paid internship at Wates. I attended client meetings, site visits and even spent time with contractors; getting an insight into the architecture behind the projects I was shadowing.

As part of the Career Ready programme, we attended various real-life workplaces and completed masterclasses. Out of all of the masterclasses we attended, I found CV writing most beneficial. This was hosted at Barclays and taught us how to improve and promote our own CV’s, I used the skills I learnt on this masterclass straight away.

I also really enjoyed the Career Ready launch event, hundreds of students attended and it was great to see how many young people like me were benefitting from the same programme across the country.  

If I had not been lucky enough to join the Career Ready programme and receive so much support from my mentor over the year, I would not have had the skills or confidence to apply for my apprenticeship at Arup.