Our masterclasses provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to kickstart rewarding futures. Delivered by employer volunteers, they connect young people with the world of work in a fun and inspiring way.

Schools & Colleges

Our masterclasses are a high-impact, no-cost way for you to reach Gatsby Benchmarks 1,3 & 6 for Good Careers Guidance.

How they work

Taking place at the workplace, or in your school or college, a volunteer from the world of work will present one of our 12 sequential masterclasses to a small group of students.

Delivered monthly, each masterclass builds on the last. With each one having a specific focus on a different career skill or pathway – from networking and communication to personal branding and interview success.

Each masterclass last approximately an hour and our volunteers are provided with a range of templates and supporting documents.


We work in partnership with employers and schools & colleges to ensure that our masterclasses best prepare young people for the modern workplace.

  • 99%  of teachers said masterclasses were effective in helping students acquire new information and skills and enhancing learning from school studies 
  • 93% of students said masterclasses increased their understanding of the world of work 
  • 83% of students say our masterclass increase their understanding of the world of work 

It helped me to know more about myself, how to communicate with other people and the importance of being a team player. Hearing from the employers was also really interesting as it gave me an idea about the important areas I need to improve upon to succeed.

Richard Agyapong, Palmers College. Click here to read his story. 

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Volunteers & Employers

Delivering our masterclasses on skills for career success is a fun and flexible way to share your professional story with young people, inspire them to reach their potential and help them unlock new skills. 

How they work

Whether it’s a one-off, once a year or more regular activity, you will find that delivering a masterclass is the perfect way for you to broaden the horizons of young people in your local area and get them interested in your business or industry.

Masterclasses can be delivered in your workplace or in a local school or college. 

Each masterclass takes approximately an hour to deliver and we provide a range of templates and guidance documents to make things even easier for you.

The choice of masterclasses is wide – from networking and communication to personal branding and interview success – and you can choose the session best suited to your expertise.

Delivering masterclasses has been great because it’s given me the opportunity to share something which I’m passionate about to an audience who are eager to learn. It gives you the chance to go down memory lane as it reminds you of your own journey to get to where you are today.

Mike O'Connor, Global Head of Access Strategies, Citi. Click here to read his story. 


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