Ashna Bhatt, from the City of London Academy Southwark, completed a week’s Virtual Work Experience placement with Baker McKenzie. Here, she tells us how this new experience made her even more enthusiastic about a career in law.

During my week at Baker McKenzie I had the chance to gain a true insight into life at a commercial law firm. I took part in panel sessions, speed networking, a team research task and a negotiation task. I found this all really engaging and it made me look forward to going into law even more. I also learnt how to build my networks and succeed in interviews.

Even though I couldn’t be there in person, everyone at Baker McKenzie were amazing. My favourite part of the week was meeting other colleagues, as well as some of their clients. I got the chance to ask lots of questions and network within the sector I aspire to work in.

I really enjoyed presenting at the end of the week. I project managed the final presentation and, even though someone dropped out at the last minute, my group got positive feedback. I managed the situation myself and was really pleased with how it went.

As a student aspiring to go into commercial law, I knew that this opportunity would be the best thing for me, and after completing the week I couldn’t be more sure that commercial law is what I want to do. I am so grateful to Career Ready and Baker McKenzie as this was my first workplace experience at a law firm and it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

This experience has only made me more enthusiastic about my future within commercial law, I’d definitely consider working at Baker McKenzie in the future.

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