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Our tutorial activities enable you to deliver Gatsby Benchmarks 1,3, & 7 for Good Careers Guidance to small groups of your learners.



How they work

We provide a range of expert-produced resources on career pathways for your staff to deliver in 20 minutes sessions during pastoral or tutor time.

Our tutorial resources are tailored to each year group, ensuring that your learners have the information, resources, and inspiration required for each stage of their journey from education to rewarding employment.

  • Year 7: The world of work
  • Year 8: Skills for career success
  • Year 9: Pathways at 16
  • Year 10:  Moving on through apprenticeships
  • Year 11: Apprenticeship themes
  • Year 12/13: Apprenticeship options

Speak to us about getting involved or find out more about our Career Starter programme.