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Careers in the Curriculum

Our Careers in the Curriculum activities enable you to deliver Gatsby Benchmarks 1,3, & 4 for Good Careers Guidance to small groups of your students. Research shows that linking the curriculum to careers results in higher educational outcomes, increased attainment & attendance, and an increase in young people pursuing subjects in higher education.



How they work

We provide a range of resources to enable your staff to easily link curriculum subjects to bite-sized information about the world of work and career pathways.

Resources and posters provide engaging and up-to-date information about the career options related to each subject, which can be dropped into a five-minute slot in your existing lesson-plan and distributed to your young people.

Resources are tailored to each year group, ensuring that your students are fully engaged and inspired for each stage of their journey from education to rewarding employment.

Speak to us about getting involved or find out more about our Career Starter programme.