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Our assembly activities enable you to deliver Gatsby Benchmarks 1,2, & 7 for Good Careers Guidance across each year group of your learners.



How they work

Delivered by a member of the Career Ready team, each one lasts approximately 10 minutes and can be easily integrated into your existing assembly structure.

Through sequenced presentations, learners are given the information, resources, and inspiration to make informed decisions in their journey from education to employment, with content tailored to each year group.

  • Year 7: Starting your career planning
  • Year 8: What does work mean to you?
  • Year 9: Your options
  • Year 10: Career planning – next steps
  • Year 11: Moving on – post 16 choices
  • Year 12 / 13: Managing your next steps

Speak to us to find out more and get involved with our Career Starter programme.