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Policies and Guidelines2022-05-03T12:11:50+00:00

Policies & Guidelines

We aim to be transparent with our stakeholders and ensure that every decision we make reflects the high standards expected of us. Here you will find our most up-to-date policies and guidelines for making this possible.


Our 2021-24 Strategy 
Growing our work across the UK to #InvestInYoungTalent. 

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Annual Report and Impact
Discovering the undiscovered for 20 years.

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Research and Evaluation
Insight into our work and our theory of change.

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Policies and Guidelines
Meeting the standards expected of us by our stakeholders.

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Recent stories

Success stories

We’re proud of the progress our young people make, their transformational relationships with our volunteers and the often life-changing experiences of the world of work provided by our employer supporters. Read more…