There’s a lifetime of memories to be made when volunteering. To celebrate Volunteers Week, we sat down with volunteers across the UK to hear their favourite volunteering moments. Here’s what they told us:

“Five years on, mentoring is just as rewarding”

Hearing that my mentees have been accepted into their dream universities is one of the most rewarding aspects for me. Of course, success isn’t always measured in academic achievement, and there’s been plenty of other victories. But, having seen the tremendous effort they had put into their application, as a mentor, I felt like I’d been accepted with them!

Mimi Kyprianou, Clifford Chance

“You’re not just teaching them, they will end up teaching you something too”

I watched Zubair go from quiet and shy to being a key leader at one of our youth events and presenting to the team at the end of his internship. The most rewarding part was watching Zubair network and build connections with corporate partners and media professionals so successfully that many of those connections wanted to keep in touch with him and follow his next steps.

Tomi Ojo, Media Trust

“Mentoring is a life changing experience – go for it!”

The most rewarding moment for me was finding out that my mentee had won a place on the UBS apprenticeship programme. She’d worked so hard and applied for many positions and it turned out to be the best opportunity out of all of them!

Edward Keelan, Octopus Investments

“I love being able to shape and be involved with the programme that started my career”

My mentee Claire, was offered an apprenticeship and sent me a lovely card to thank me for being her mentor and helping her on her career journey. Being a Career Ready mentor really is rewarding and is such a nice opportunity to give back. I see the students change over the year in confidence, it’s fulfilling to be part of their growth and support them along the way.

Charli Love, HSBC UK

“Take my advice and become a mentor”

There is a real sense of pride in seeing your mentee grow in confidence and progress with your support and guidance. During this year, my mentee sourced and completed her own work experience, summer school, and internship and won first prizes for writing and debating. And all being well, is set to get into one of the top London universities to read English this year and hopefully a career in journalism!

Christine Bowles, Renaix

“The most rewarding part is seeing the difference in the students”

The most rewarding part of the whole Career Ready programme is seeing the difference in students at the end compared to the beginning; from nervous, self-conscious and un-prepared to self-confident, well-rounded young adults – it’s brilliant!

Sally Dillon, Aviva

“I wanted to offer the support I felt my school hadn’t offered me”

I have so many rewarding moments and memories from my time mentoring Olivia, but I think the real standout moment was when she turned up to meet myself and a business friend to discuss how his career path had worked out. I was really impressed that she put in the extra effort by creating meetings with interesting people. It helped her take her future career seriously enough to use her own time proactively to learn from others.

Katie Burrett, K. Burrett Cleaning Services

“Becoming a mentor has helped me professionally”

Over the course of our mentoring relationship, I saw my mentee grow more confident and I was very pleased with the way she quickly settled into the internship as though it wasn’t a big deal for her to be out of her comfort zone and in a professional environment such as Morgan Stanley. She was also nominated for the Standard Life Aberdeen Student of the Year Award Glasgow.

Stephanie MacDonald, Morgan Stanley

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