Video Volunteering

Introducing our new online volunteering ‘Video Ask’ – connecting young people with real people in real jobs. All you need is your phone!


Video volunteering

A great new way for our volunteers to get involved and share their unique career stories, industry insights, and top tips for young people across the UK.

No standard content, no brand jargon. Young people at the start of their career journeys benefit from meeting real people in real jobs, this is where you come in. 

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Studying the sciences means I can articulate my technical understanding to clients when developing a strategy – they find that reassuring. I like the analytical and human side of solving their problems.

Nicola, Consultant
Rail industry

Studying English helped me develop a compelling writing style. Being able to produce engaging articles that successfully reflect the impact of a community project is really powerful.

Mas, Community Affairs Manager
Energy sector
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Your career spotlight

We want you to tell your story and share your advice, perhaps the advice you wish you’d had when you were leaving school. Five one-minute clips recorded on your mobile.

If you’re ready to get involved, open our Video Ask on your mobile now, otherwise scroll down for more guidance.

How it works

Studying art has enabled me to work in the public, private and charity sectors. Being able to think creatively helps bring different viewpoints behind a common cause.

Ben, Director
Arts Charity

Five questions, five minutes

Using the Video Ask platform, our Regional Manager, Rosie, will step you through recording five video clips for five questions:

  1. Introducing you and your job
  2. Your career journey
  3. Why you love your job
  4. Top tips for young people
  5. Linking a subject you studied to your career 
Additional information

Coming soon…

Coming soon…