Nephthali Mbila from Westminster Kingsway College enjoyed a four-week paid internship at Comic Relief, one of many charity sector internship places we are able to offer this year thanks to a unique funding partnership with Standard Life Aberdeen. Here she talks about her experience, why internship opportunities are so important and how Career Ready has been significant in her own careers education.

Having the opportunity to take part in an internship placement is an invaluable insight into what having a job is like.

For young people like myself, Career Ready is a chance to get a better idea of what we might like to do in the future. It’s a great opportunity, we wouldn’t otherwise have, to network and build important professional relationships.

My own internship has helped me experience an industry sector that I knew nothing about. I thought working in a bank would be the best way to experience a more typical work place but working at a charity like Comic Relief really opened my eyes to the variety of different departments needed to successfully run a company.

Some of my favourite moments were: testing a new digital tool and completing a first aid course that included trauma management. I also did a lot of research around the public’s perceived trust in charities, which was really interesting. 

My supervisor, Sam, was so helpful in making me think more about my future career choices and what I wanted to study at university. Sam gave me plenty of advice on university courses and how what I choose to study at university may not need to exactly mirror the job I do in the future. I’d like to say thank you to Sam and Comic Relief for the opportunity to work within such a lovely organisation. I learnt so much about myself and what I now consider to be my future plans. I am keen to go to university and study Criminal Law or Journalism.

Based upon my own experience, I would advise every young person thinking about joining the Career Ready programme to do so, it’s an amazing opportunity. Having a mentor that supports you in developing your skills throughout the programme really helps when it comes to the workplace experiences that are organised along the way.

I’d like to thank Career Ready for giving me the opportunity to work at comic relief, and allowing me to learn more about the work place and the skills I need to succeed. Without this programme I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have about careers today.