Harvinder Mudhar, from Greenford High School in greater London graduated the Career Ready programme in 2019. During his time on the programme Harvinder enjoyed a 4 week paid internship at Wates and is now completing a degree apprenticeship at Arcadis. Here, Harvinder shares how the Career Ready programme gave him the skills, confidence, and opportunity to kick start a rewarding future.

The most useful part of the internship at Wates was being able to speak with senior members of staff about their career journeys and how they got into construction.

Before the Career Ready programme, I was bit stressed and demotivated about my future and not quite sure what my options were after sixth form.

My internship really helped me understand what other routes into work were available when I wasn’t sure university was for me. Having this opportunity whilst still at sixth form was invaluable.

I used to be very shy, but during the Career Ready programme there were plenty of times when I had to speak in front of an audience, including my end of internship presentation. The confidence I gained doing this was really important. Now I present all the time at work and consider being able to do it well one of my assets.

The Career Ready programme helped me get the workplace experience I needed to figure out what I wanted to do next. Having the chance to intern at Wates was amazing, I learnt a lot about the construction industry, and I don’t think I would have had that opportunity without Career Ready. Now I’m a trainee project manager at Arcadis and have had experiences working on lots projects around London.

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