New City College Redbridge are one of our Career Ready School or College’s of the Year 2022 sponsored by AstraZeneca. Here, coordinator, Mitus Castillo, explains how the Career Ready programme has impacted the students at New City College over the last 10 years.

Career Ready exposes young people to the world of work

Career Ready is an amazing programme that has benefited our students for over 10 years now. My role as coordinator is to manage the Career Ready programme at New City College. This includes promotion, recruitment, organising the workshops and trips, meeting with students, supporting the internship journey and attending the Local Advisory Board.

At their age, most of our young people don’t know what they want to do yet or even how to find out. With career support, they can discover the different opportunities, careers and industries, and explore what’s suitable for them.

Career Ready gives young people the opportunity to be exposed to the world of work. It’s aspirational, they can see for themselves what opportunities are out there and what they can do to access them. The people they meet, places they go, masterclasses they attend, all of these are preparing them to reach their professionals goals.

Shy and timid students blossom into confident individuals

I had seen students who were shy and timid, blossom into confident and articulate individuals. I have also witnessed students, whom at the beginning of the programme, didn’t know what they wanted to do, but ended up determined to pursue a career because of their experiences with the programme. These are what I would consider my greatest successes!

The Career Ready programme is regularly oversubscribed with applications. It has become an established, desirable activity for Redbridge students who take every advantage of being a Career Ready student.

Joanne Baker, Mercer, LAB member at New City College Redbridge

The most rewarding aspect of managing the Career Read programme is knowing that I have been a part of the career journey of a young person. That because of the support I’ve given them (made possible through Career Ready), they were able to make important career decisions which have such an impact on their lives. It is so heart-warming when students come back to thank me for their Career Ready experience and how it has changed their lives.

An inspiration to other young people

Whenever we need inspirational speakers, we always look at the list of our Career Ready Alumni. So far we’ve actually managed to invite 4 of them back, such is the quality of students we have produced with the help of Career Ready that they are able to share their experiences and successes and actually inspire other students!

Make a lasting difference and support a young person: