Kimberley Paton from Cleveden Secondary School in Glasgow enjoyed a paid, four-week internship and mentoring at Diageo. Here, she shares how it helped her develop the skills, confidence and experience needed to kickstart a rewarding and successful future.

I always used to struggle with my confidence and be quite anxious, however, thanks to the support of Gareth – my mentor from Diageo – and the paid internship I had at his workplace I now feel much more confident about myself and my future.

Having Gareth as a mentor was extremely helpful, he gave me lots of advice and support both before and during my internship. The best bit of advice he gave to me was to be more confident and to make the most I could out of the experience as I could. I’d like to say thank you to Gareth for his support throughout my time at Career Ready and that I very much appreciate all that he has done for me.

As well as being mentored by Gareth for 18 months, I also got to experience a paid, four-week internship at Diageo, where he works. I had such an incredible time at Diageo and it allowed me to gain some fantastic experience of a workplace, something I’ve never had the opportunity to do before.

During my internship, I was able to look at many of Diageo’s sites and the different projects that they’re currently involved in such as reducing their environmental impact. My favourite thing I did during my internship was when we got to compete against other interns in engineering challenges. I really enjoyed this as I want to become an engineer in the future.

I had an extremely interactive and engaging time at Diageo and felt like a person with a valued opinion.

As well as the mentoring and paid internship, I also took part in several workplace visits during my time on the Career Ready programme. These allowed me to get a real look at different job sectors and environments.  My favourite visit was to Shieldhall because of the amount of machinery and the speed the lines run at. I felt like this was something I would never get bored and would enjoy working with in the future.

My plan for the future is to become an electrical engineer. My internship and mentoring have gone a long way to helping make this possible because of all I learnt and experienced during my time at Diageo. In fact, I enjoyed my time at Diageo so much that I now plan on applying for an apprenticeship with them.

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