Thomas Lee, formerly of Christ the King Sixth Form College, graduated from the Career Ready programme in 2014. Here, he shares how the support of his mentor from Moody’s Investors Services and his paid internship at Babcock International gave him the skills, confidence and experience needed for the world of work.

When I started the Career Ready programme I was studying for my BTEC Level 2 in Business and, in all honesty, I was lacking in confidence and worried about my future. Fast forward a few years, I’m a graduate in Business Studies & Economics from Bournemouth University who is much more self-confident and motivated to explore the opportunities around me.

The support of Alex, my mentor from Moody’s Investors Services, played a big role in helping me to become more confident, as well as understand the skills I’d need in the future. Having support and advice from someone who is more experienced is a great thing to have when you’re trying to build your future. Alex shaped who I am today and he gave me the confidence and the motivation to be the best me I can be.

Alex also played a big part in helping me to prepare for my paid internship at Babcock International as, along with advice about how to act professionally in the workplace, he gave me a book called ‘Ego is the Enemy’. The most important message for me from that book was not to get distracted by pursuing only money and status but find a job that fits my beliefs and provides fulfilment in my life.

Having support and advice from someone who is more experienced is a great thing to have when you’re trying to build your future.

I would like to thank Alex for the support and reassurance he gave me as a mentor. He helped me breakdown the barriers preventing me from progressing and that making mistakes is part of the learning experience – the important thing is to keep on going. I’m also grateful to him for being open about his own challenges, which helped me see that no one is perfect but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.  I’m currently in the process of looking for work, following my graduation, but this time I feel surer of myself and better informed about what to expect because of what I learnt and experienced on the Career Ready programme.

Joining the Career Ready programme is something which I’d recommend to any student who is looking to build themselves up for the future. You will learn about the world of business, the opportunities which are out there, and – most importantly – you will learn more about yourself and what you can achieve than you thought possible.

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