Thomas Igoe from Cheadle College, who graduated from Career Ready in 2016, shares how an internship at The Royal Bank of Scotland gave him the confidence and skills to get on the right career path.

I’ve always been goal-orientated and ambitious to work at a large multi-national company but I didn’t have the know-how or connections to get me there. I was at college when I first heard about the Career Ready programme and the opportunity to test myself and actively do something to bring me towards my goals suited me down to the ground.

As part of the Career Ready programme, I was able to do an internship at RBS. Being able to experience what it’s like to work in a large company like RBS was really eye-opening and made me realise that to achieve my goal of working for a large international company I would have to get more professional experience. Because of this, and as I was pretty hungry to earn while I earn, I decided to apply for a higher apprenticeship. I had great success reaching interview stage at several companies before I finally secured a higher apprenticeship at Barclays Bank PLC in their technology centre.

I’m now working in the Cyber Security division at Barclays, and have almost finished completing my studies to become a Networking and Infrastructure Technician.

Working for Barclays is my proudest achievement so far and I’m really excited to see where my career takes me next.

My next goal is to complete a BCS in Cyber Security and become one of the top technicians in the bank, which I know I’ll achieve.

Without Career Ready I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today, or enjoying my career as much as I am. Being part of the programme has given me the tools to succeed and helped me to take a bird’s eye view of my goals and how to achieve them… it has also saved me from a lot of student debt and finding myself on a degree which didn’t align with my life goals.

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