Cher-Crystal from Westminster Academy in London enjoyed a four-week paid internship at British Land. Here, she shares how it gave her the skills and confidence to stay resilient and productive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communication and networking

Before joining the Career Ready programme, I was nervous and not particularly confident. During the summer I was given the chance to do an internship with British Land and was placed with their property management team.

I had a wonderful time during my internship, I collaborated with others and was able to work on skills like communication, which was a real confidence boost. I also got to work on other employability skills like presenting, public speaking, and networking.

The best part was networking. I already had an interest in property and real estate so found my time at British Land really insightful. Being able to speak to lots of different professionals and hear about their individual experiences was so interesting.

Remaining productive during the pandemic

Since completing my internship I’ve found that I’m more willing to put myself forward for things, it’s definitely helped me build resilience and I always try and apply myself to any situation.

The pandemic has impacted us all. I found it hard to concentrate and stay motivated with schoolwork due to distractions at home and feeling down because I couldn’t see my friends. However, the internship at British Land helped me remain focused and productive, which I’m really grateful for.

To any young person thinking of joining the Career Ready programme, I would say that if you’re given this kind of opportunity take it and put 100% in.

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