Klaudia Nurzynska from Longley Park Sixth Form in Sheffield was the 2018 runner-up in our AstraZeneca STEM Student of the Year in Engineering. Here, she shares how the Career Ready programme has helped her develop the skills, confidence and opportunities to kickstart her future.  

I used to struggle a lot with my shyness and self-confidence a lot as I only moved to England from Poland in 2015. Thanks to the support of Kevin – my mentor – I now feel much more confident and excited about my future.

During my time on the Career Ready programme, I was mentored by Kevin who works for the Yorkshire Bank. Kevin would meet with me monthly to chat about different career plans and pathways available to me, the steps I would need to take to reach my goals, as well as provide feedback and guidance on practical things such as my CV.

As well as being mentored by Kevin, I also enjoyed a six-week paid internship at his workplace. Being able to secure a paid internship was fantastic as it gave me an inside look into the ‘adult world’. It helped me to create good habits, develop a better attitude towards work and think about my future more. It showed that university isn’t the only option out and allowed me to explore working life and which bits interest me.

My time at Yorkshire Bank genuinely changed me as a person and has helped me grow so much in terms of my confidence and work-place skills. I think the biggest influence on me during my time at Yorkshire Bank was actually the customers. Since they were all different, I had to learn to overcome lots of different challenges and learn to respond to things in different ways depending on the situation.

My social and soft skills in communication, negotiating, teamwork and time management have really improved. I have also gained some specific knowledge about the finance sector. It also really improved my self-confidence so I’m now much more aware of the skills which I’ve always had but not always aware of!

Now that I’ve graduated from the Career Ready programme my aim is to ideally go to university, but – because of changes to student loans and regulations – I’m also really interested in potentially doing an apprenticeship.

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