Kyle Princess Marzan from Westminster Academy, our Leidos Student of the Year for the South of England, enjoyed a paid, four-week internship at Wates through the Career Ready programme. Here, she shares how the experience helped her gain a place on their apprenticeship programme. 

My paid internship at Wates helped me to find what I want to be in the future and gave me the inspiration and determination to apply for an apprenticeship with them. I’m so delighted that my application has been successful and that, from September 2019, I’ll be working at Wates as an apprentice estimator.

I feel so blessed and proud to have been successful with my apprenticeship application– I’d like to thank all the people who helped me through this journey.

Helen, my supervisor during my internship was a great source of inspiration for me. She’s one of the directors at Wates which amazed me because as a woman in a male-dominated environment she has managed to go into a managerial position – which is inspiring for the career I’m now pursuing. I’d just like to say thank you so much for helping me to find the career for me and for giving up your time to help me achieve it. 

The fact that my internship helped me find what I want to do in the future and gave me the experience to make this possible, shows the importance of experiencing the world of work for young people. I think that the highlight of my time at Wates was certainly doing site visits and getting lots of great insight into the different kind of jobs available in the construction industry.

For all those other Career Ready students out there who are going to start an internship…it’s such an amazing opportunity for you so embrace it! You get to network with people and experience lots of great things – and you may even discover your dream career.

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