Ebrahin Hassan from West Hailes Education Centre, our 2019 Standard Life Aberdeen Student of the Year for Edinburgh, enjoyed a paid internship and mentoring at British Gas. Here, he shares how the experience has given him the skills, confidence and opportunity to kickstart a rewarding future.

I’ve always been hardworking but I use to struggled with my self-confidence and was therefore quite shy. The support of Amanda, my mentor from British Gas, as well as my paid internship, have completely changed this and I’m now much more confident.

From the moment I met Amanda, my mentor, she motivated me to keep working hard, spent a lot of time in developing my self-confidence, and encouraged me to always be the best I can be. She also really helped me to prepare for my internship by introducing me to the people I’d be working with and giving me some great tips & guidance before I started.

My internship at British Gas increased my self-esteem and made me more confident.

During my internship at British Gas, I was part of a customer support team responsible for the utility and the efficiency of the business. I learned how to work with others, build relationships and communicate effectively with others. I also learnt from experts on how to analyse and sort data in Excel.

After leaving school I hope to continue working part-time and study Mechanical Engineering. Career Ready has given me the confidence to ask for advice when I need it and not to see it as a sign of weakness. It has also motivated me to focus on improving myself through education to allow me the best career options when I enter full-time work.

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