Molly Curling, from Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School in Essex, joined the Career Ready programme in 2018 where she was mentored by Sean from BT and enjoyed a six week paid internship at BP. Here, Molly shares how she was able to develop the skills, confidence, and experience needed to kickstart her career with an apprenticeship at BP. 

During the Career Ready programme, I got to visit lots of workplaces and learn about the skills I would need to be successful in the working world, like preparing for and presenting myself at an interview. My favourite workplace to visit was AON, it was interactive and insightful but also happened to fall on international woman’s day so I came away feeling determined and inspired.

I found that Sean, my mentor, was someone that was prepared to support and encourage me through the whole Career Ready programme. He shared his own life experiences and was able to give me advice that was specific to me and my personal development.

Having someone that I was comfortable with and I could talk to about my future was invaluable. I can’t thank Sean enough for the regular meetings and all the advice.

My internship at BP really encouraged me to think about what skills I could apply to the workplace that I had already been using in Sixth Form. During my time there I had 3 projects to work on, I learnt how to better use Microsoft Excel, developed my public speaking and had the opportunity to network with a global team. I felt supported for the whole six weeks and pushed to do my best by people who believed in me. It’s hard to pick a favourite moment from an internship that I loved every minute of, but giving my presentation at the end in-front of BP and members of my family was such a proud moment. Hearing that the team had loved having me as much as I had loved being there was a real confidence boost.

If it wasn’t for Career Ready I wouldn’t feel so confident about life after Sixth Form. I was always sure that university wasn’t for me and having the opportunity to experience the workplace confirmed this to me whilst preparing me for my next steps.