Enoma Ogor from Loreto College Sixth Form College in Manchester is the winner of our 2018 AstraZeneca STEM Student of the Year in Engineering. Here, she shares how the Career Ready programme has helped her develop the skills, confidence and opportunities to kickstart her future.

Being named as one of the STEM Students of the Year is a great honour, and it’s a real confidence booster to be recognised for my hard work and progression over the last two years in developing the skills needed for the workplace.

My dream career when I’m older is to be a chemical engineer with the aim of using my skills and role to improve other people’s lives as well as to inspire other young women to take up STEM subjects.

Being part of the Career Ready programme has been a big help to me in terms of helping me to prepare for my future. Before I started the programme, I was nervous and pretty shy when it came to meeting new people, but I’m now much more confident and I feel ambitious and ready for what the future holds.

During the programme, I took part in masterclasses on the skills needed for career success, received mentoring from Matt who works at Turner & Townsend, and experienced a paid four-week internship at Magnesium Elektron.

The Career Ready programme has really helped me to develop the skills and confidence I’ll need in the future, but I think that my time at Magnesium Elektron was the most significant part of the programme for me.

Internships are a great chance to see the world of work, meet new people, challenge yourself and see what wonderful things you can achieve.

My time Magnesium Elektron, where I was supervised by Mark, helped me understand what it’s like to be part of a professional team, especially when it comes to having other people depending on you to complete tasks. I also learnt how to manage my time better and work independently. The whole experience has really helped to grow my self-confidence and become more independent.

Joining Career Ready is something which I’d recommend to any student. I have been inspired to take on opportunities that at first may not seem interesting but which have developed me as a person and left me in a better place for building my future. I am now more aware of the workplace and how to impress in an interview. All in all, you’ll receive vital information and skills which will carry you throughout your career.

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