Jasmine Sanghera, Associate at Silicon Valley Bank, volunteered to lead a skills session on CV and cover letter writing during the Career Ready Skills Festival. Here Jasmine tells us why, now more than ever, it is vital that we offer young people the opportunity to learn about the world of work.

I wish I’d received advice on how to draft and structure my CV prior to submitting job applications when I was younger. I believe that the earlier we start having these conversations with young people, the less intimidating it is to put a CV together when it needs to be done. Lockdown must be an especially difficult time to seek advice on how to transition from education to the professional world.

I think it’s incredibly important to begin having these types of conversations with young people as early as possible, just to make the working world seem slightly more familiar to them. Not everyone comes from backgrounds where a close friend or family member can serve as a role model or mentor so it is important for us to be present to offer advice if they need it.

I think my session went well, the students were actively asking questions they had prepared in advance using the chat function as well as following on from specifics I was detailing as I walked through the slides. I wanted to create an open forum for the students to participate in whilst studying from home.

I would love to work with Career Ready again in the future. This experience has presented an important learning opportunity for me to try and mentor students who are looking to further develop their understanding of the professional world. I was recently in their position and would like to offer advice based on what I wish I knew when I was applying to jobs for the first time.