Craig Moffat, from Kinross High School, our Student of the Year for Perth & Kinross, shares how a Career Ready mentor and a paid internship at Perth & Kinross Council has helped him prepare for a successful future. 

Before I joined the Career Ready programme I was juggling my studies with a part-time job in construction. I was pretty shy and introverted and used to get nervous when meeting new people and speaking in front of large groups. This has completely changed thanks to Career Ready. 

As part of the programme I received professional mentoring from Bruce, who works at Perth & Kinross Council, and then experienced a four-week paid internship at his workplace. 

Bruce taught me the importance of things such as interpersonal skills, coordinating tasks, and working effectively as part of a team. I was then able to put these into action during my time at Perth & Kinross Council. I was a bit nervous when I started at the council, but Bruce was constantly checking to see if I was working well with the wider team and he gave me lots of advice on how to improve my work.

I’ve gone from introverted to confident, and I’m now much more focused about my future.

I loved my time at Perth & Kinross Council and I’ve learnt so much. For instance, before I started there, I honestly thought that the council was just for the bins and road maintenance – but it does so much more than that. Out of all the things I did during my internship, I think the best bit was working with the landscape architects to create a brief for a new design at the Broxdfen Roundabout in Perth. I really enjoyed this because it was a mix of site visits and working in the office with the graphic designers to create a professional proposal. 

For all he’s helped me grow as a person, I’d just like to say thank you to Bruce. He’s provided me with skills and opportunities which will help me for years to come. Because of the great relationship we’ve built, I now see him more as a friend than a mentor. 

My plan for the future is to become a foley sound engineer, which is where you try and recreate everyday sounds for films and radio, and I’ve applied to study sound engineering at college. I would love to do this because I have a great passion for creating music and coming up with my own ways to create audio. 

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