Eve Crump graduated Career Ready in 2012 whilst studying at Franklin College in Grimsby. Here, she shares how her time on the programme helped her to kickstart a career at Pladis Global as an Account Manager.

I grew up in a family that placed a big importance on getting a good education and my parents always wanted me to have the education opportunities they didn’t have growing up. My mum went to university in her 30s and she was keen on me going straight after my A-Levels.

When I was 16, my big challenge was deciding on what to do with my life. I knew I wanted to go to university, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study or do as a job in the future. My knowledge of different careers was pretty poor as the main opportunities in Grimsby were apprenticeships at the local oil refinery or hair and beauty apprenticeships. This is mostly all I saw when growing up but I knew that it wasn’t for me.

Career Ready opened my eyes to the professional world and helped me to develop new skills.

When I started at Franklin College to do my A-Levels I was determined to find out more about what I could do in the future. When I heard about the Career Ready programme from a teacher, I knew this was something which would help me.

Everything about the programme was incredibly beneficial – it opened my eyes to the professional world and helped me to develop new skills. The people I met on the programme were all very supportive and helped point me in the right direction, especially mentor. They showed me that I had so many options for the future and they got me interested in studying law at university.

It definitely made me more driven because speaking to people who have had the same path as you and gone on to do something interesting is always inspiring… It felt like a very supportive environment as well – at the time, nothing felt too out of reach.

After finishing college, I decided to move away from Grimsby to study law at the University of Leicester. Then, following university I joined the graduate programme at Pladis Global, the company who owns McVities.

Many of my peers on the graduate programme had been privately educated and some of their parents worked in the same industry. But the fact that I’d had other people, via the Career Ready programme, teach me about key professional skills and behaviours, I felt on a par with them.

I’m delighted to now work in the commercial department as an Account Manager at Pladis Global. In fact, I’ve also launched the Career Ready programme at Pladis so other young people can benefit from it like I did.

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