Rob Marsh, Community Innovation Lead at Reward Gateway, supported 5 sessions, along with his colleagues, as part of the Career Ready Skills Festival. Here he explains why he felt it so important to be involved and provide young people with the opportunity to learn about the world of work.

I think it’s incredibly important that young people are offered these kinds of opportunities. Right now the job market is incredibly competitive and I can only imagine how daunting it must be for a young person who is looking to take their next steps after education.

Organisations like Career Ready help young people by providing practical sessions, connecting them with employers like us in a variety of ways that can help get them get ready for the world of work and could even lead to a foot in the door.

I wanted to get involved with the Career Reay Skills festival to give our team the opportunity to share some of their professional skills and experiences with young people looking to boost their employability . I think my colleagues got a lot out of hosting their sessions. The chance to work in groups with other colleagues across our business was a unique opportunity and creating workshops that were practical and engaging for the young people was a challenge that I think they all rose to. The feedback we had from students was great, they felt the sessions and presenters were engaging which was wonderful!

We’d love to work with Career Ready again and we’re already in talks about some other sessions throughout the rest of the year. I think the team at Career Ready are incredibly committed to providing something genuinely valuable to the young people they work with. That’s something that is very much aligned with our Mission and something we would love to continue to be a part of.