Ryan Thorne graduated the Career Ready programme in 2016 whilst studying at Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow. Ryan is now a postgraduate student the University of St Andrews and was recently awarded an international scholarship for study and travel, seeing him enrol at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

At school I lacked self-belief and I was not sure if I had the potential to succeed – but I was always committed to my education: I received seven SQA Highers which allowed me to study at degree level, and I was also a finalist in the 2016 Young Scot Awards for Educational Excellence. Coming through school, into higher education and beyond, was difficult because I lacked networks outside of my neighbourhood. This limited my ability to look beyond my immediate set of circumstances.

Coming through school, into higher education and beyond, was difficult because I lacked networks outside of my neighbourhood.

I decided to join Career Ready in my penultimate year of school. In retrospect, this is the number one decision I am thankful for in life. Without Career Ready, I am not sure that I would ever have fully been able to progress onto university as smoothly as I did. Without a doubt, I am most grateful for the chance to work with my mentor, his wisdom motivated me towards my personal goals.

Having a mentor was a golden opportunity, I am so thankful for the positive impact Andie had on me.

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The programme challenged me from day one and raised my aspirations. There was something exciting about meeting new people and, through them, I was able to collect early experiences and lessons about the world of work. These have been lasting and have served me well throughout university. My internship at Morgan Stanley helped me mature and allowed me to look for new opportunities. I also learned more about personal responsibility, a skill that allowed me take ownership and become Career Ready.

Before joining the programme, I had never really encountered new environments and naturally felt a little displaced in the office. Career Ready helped unlock my confidence; to overcome personal barriers; and to become more sociable. When I first met with my mentor, I was apprehensive, but I quickly moved past this and we went on to enjoy a close relationship. I also enjoyed the opportunity to work with other interns since it allowed me to challenge my own views and opened me up to new perspectives.

Career Ready has helped me navigate those big transition periods in life that are often surrounded with uncertainly.

I have recently returned to the University of St Andrews as a postgraduate student to read for an MLitt in International Business, after obtaining my undergraduate degree in Geography and Management earlier this year. I have also recently gained an international scholarship at Emory University in Atlanta, U.S. in August 2021. Looking beyond my studies. I want to pursue a career in the financial sector.

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