Klevis Bishaj from Smithycroft Secondary School in Glasgow enjoyed a paid, four-week internship and continues to enjoy mentoring at Morgan Stanley. Here, he shares how it’s helping him develop the skills, confidence and experience needed to kickstart a rewarding and successful future.

My internship at Morgan Stanley was really positive and has helped me to become much more motivated and clued-up about my future. I discovered things that I genuinely never thought I’d learn about, such as the different software used by banks to handle vast amounts of money. This was such an eye-opening and useful experience, especially as I’m interested in getting into finance in the future.

My favourite moment at Morgan Stanley has to be being included in the global conferences and taking minutes whilst trying to follow the agenda. Being included in such an important meeting has helped me become more confident and it gave me a much bigger insight into what a job at somewhere like Morgan Stanley has to offer which is amazing.

As well as my paid internship, I’m also really benefitting from being mentored by Jade Meechan who works at Morgan Stanley. She is helping me every step of the way during my 18 months on the Career Ready programme. From regular catch-ups to asking every day how I was getting on during my internship and giving me the great life advice of always being myself, she is such a great help.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Jade for being there from the start of this programme and right through until the end comes.

In terms of my future, I’m currently split on whether to pursue a career in finance and business or going into teaching. But, thanks to my internship and support of my mentor, I have much more insight and experience to help me with this decision.

Since completing the Career Ready programme Khlevis has also been nominated for the Standard Life Aberdeen Student of the Year Award Glasgow, his school coordinator Mark described his transformation.

Since joining the Career Ready programme Klevis has grown into a confident, mature and reliable young man. From attending all of his masterclasses, doing a great job during his internship and confidently presenting at its conclusion, it has just been incredible. Klevis now has the confidence to referee football matches for the lower school and also helps run the 1st year football team. Klevis is a wonderful young man with a hunger for success.

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