Brooklyn Brigham is 17 years old and from Dunfermline, Scotland. She is a current Career Ready student at Woodmill High School. Here, she shares her story and why she joined the Career Ready Youth Advisory Board.

Growing up I’ve witnessed first-hand the challenges and limits of belonging to a disadvantaged household and how this has affected me throughout my life, as it does for young people across the country.

Young women and men today are confronted with significant social, political, and environmental issues. However, although young people account for a large part of the population, we are routinely excluded from decision making.

By joining the Youth Advisory Board, I desire to have a voice and amplify the challenges I and other young people face. Such as mental wellbeing, lack of opportunities, and not feeling as though you have anything to positive to aspire to once you leave school. Through the board, I hope to play a role in solving these issues and contribute to creating a much more positive environment for other young people.

The Career Ready programme helped make this possible for me, especially through my internship in the summer of 2021. I had the chance to meet multiple inspiring and creative individuals. And it helped me develop skills such as confidence, escaping my comfort zone, and making relationships with people I have never met before. If I can help someone like me, even just the tiniest bit to feel more inspired and develop more self-worth, I will have accomplished something brilliant.

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