Kitty Sullivan from Sacred Heart of Mary’s School, Essex, joined the Career Ready programme in 2018 where she enjoyed a four-week paid internship at Citi Group. Here she explains why her internship was such an important opportunity and how it has influenced her future career plans.

I think having the opportunity to do an internship is very important for young people. An internship helps you get a better understanding of the workplace, which may then affect your decision to go to university or take an apprenticeship – everyone is different and the workplace experiences offered by Career Ready can really help make more informed decisions about the future.

My internship at Citi has helped me understand a big, well-known company and made me realise how many departments work together to enable it to run. This experience also made me realise that there is so much progression within a large company like Citi, with the opportunity to move between roles and departments. Most importantly, this experience has given me a huge confidence boost. From presenting at the GEM Speaker Series to completing my end of internship presentation I have been able to improve my public speaking abilities in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The best experience during the internship was being a part of the Citi Global Community Day. As part of the Public Affairs team, I was able to help organise the event and appreciate everything that went into it. On the actual day, all of the Citi interns came together, with Citi staff, to plant flowers in an overgrown green space in London. Overall it was a really exciting day that provided great insight into how companies like Citi make an effort to give back to the community.  

I also really appreciated the masterclasses Citi arranged for us during the internship. Each one taught us something different and introduced us to a new staff member and department. As well as all the information they gave us that helped during our internship, these masterclasses will help me personally with so much more in the future.

The team I worked with had a significant impact on me during my time at Citi. They were all so kind and supportive and always found time in their schedules to speak with me about what they do – which I found incredibly interesting. My supervisor, Amal, offered support and advice that not only helped me through my internship but also contributed to my future career plans. 

My plan for the future, after getting the A-level results I want, is to apply for a degree apprenticeship. This experience helped me get a really good picture of what jobs are available in a large company and where I could possibly pursue a career.

To anyone thinking of joining the Career Ready programme I’d say go for it – it has been one of the most incredible experiences and something that I will remember forever.

The masterclasses have made me feel so much more confident about attending interviews and my mentor has built upon that by improving my interview skills in our meetings. I’ve met so many people along the way that have been able to share their knowledge and experience with me, because of Career Ready I now have a much better understanding of the world of work and the opportunities that are available to me.

Overall, I am very grateful for the whole Career Ready experience, applying for the programme has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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