Najibah Miah from George Greens School in London joined the Career Ready programme in 2021 and enjoyed a four-week paid internship at British Land along with mentoring from Siu-Pei Choi at Wates Residential. Here Najibah tells us how her experience on the Career Ready programme has reassured her that she has the skills and confidence to kickstart a rewarding career.

Unsure about the future

Before Career Ready I didn’t really know what the professional world was like and how organisations worked. Nor did I feel prepared or confident in any way. I was panicked and unsure about my future career aspirations for a really long time, so it was a great relief when I joined the Career Ready programme and got an internship at British Land. I knew that it would be a good opportunity for me to develop workplace skills and learn about the world of work.

A reassuring experience

During my internship with British Land I learnt a lot about what it means to work in a professional organisation. Meeting the team was one of the best parts of this experience, they really helped me with my outlook and reassured some of my anxieties around my career path. I feel encouraged that I have the skills or am in the process of developing the skills that will make me employable. I found my internship at British Land insightful, rewarding, and challenging.

My mentor Siu-Pei has also been very helpful. She is very experienced and always gives me an honest opinion, so I know I’m getting valuable advice. We’ve spoken about university and my future career options. Moreover, she helped me prepare for my internship interview which was super useful as I’ve only ever had one other formal interview.

One step at a time

Due to the pandemic and being in lockdown, I lost a lot of confidence in myself and my subjects at school. However, my internship at British Land helped me regain my self-confidence. Speaking to the team has helped me come to understand that no one really knows exactly what’s in store and I don’t need to have all the answers now, I can go one step at a time.

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