Tyreisha Davis from Lambeth College in London enjoyed a paid, four-week internship at BP through the Career Ready programme. Here, she shares how the experience has provided her with the skills, confidence, and experience to kickstart a rewarding future.

Having an internship at BP has helped me to step out of my comfort zone, to talk with others and ask questions. It’s boosted my confidence and made me bolder as, before my time at BP, I was quite reserved and timid.

I think being able to experience the workplace in a paid internship is so important for young people like myself, for it gives us an opportunity to experience life in the working world. It allows us to better clarify what we enjoy doing and helps to steer us along the right path as to what we may want to pursue in the near future.

The best part of my internship was the presentation I had to give at the end of my time at BP. Not because I had completed it, but because I was amazed at how much I had learnt and all the valuable skills I had developed.

My plan for the future is to study biochemistry at university and then pursue a career in it, as this is my real passion, so the fact that I’ve already been able to experience being in a STEM workplace makes me much more confident about the future.

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