Ruby Anderson, from Cirencester College, enjoyed a four-week paid internship at St. James’s Place Wealth Management during her time on the Career Ready Programme. Here, she explains how the experience gave her the skills and confidence to go on and get an apprenticeship.

Making connections

Before my internship I was unsure what career I wanted to go into and as a person who’s naturally quiet, my communication skills weren’t the strongest.

While I was at St. James’s Place, I managed an inbox, worked with spreadsheets to collect information, and organised Teams meetings. My favourite project was an internal fundraiser called ‘The Coffee Morning Project’. I got to design the posters, invites and social media posts. This project led me to have contact with lots of other people in different departments, and that was the best part for me.

Networking with people around the wider business helped me gain a better understanding of the different roles and which ones I liked the most. Everyone I spoke to at St. James’s Place was supportive which allowed me to develop better communication skills. My confidence grew and I made some great professional connections.

From intern to apprentice

Towards the end of my internship, I registered my interest in St. James’s Place Apprenticeship Programme and took part in an interview assessment. The apprenticeship was for a role in marketing, a department I had expressed a lot of interest in during my internship.

I am now very excited to be starting an apprenticeship in the marketing department in the next few months!

I think internship opportunities, like the one I had, are really important for young people. It can be difficult to know what you want to do if you don’t know what’s out there and haven’t had much experience. I found my internship useful in helping get my future career started, it helped me learn what I’m good at and what I like.

The pandemic and motivation to work

The option to go into an office and work was really motivating. The pandemic and lockdown really effected my motivation, direction and mental health. This internship gave me a much better sense of direction, I was able to learn more about myself and what I might want to do. I had something to do every day, I was able to meet new people and make friends with the other interns, which was a real confidence boost.

Career Ready and the future

The Career Ready programme offers amazing opportunities for young people that I think are really beneficial. My experience gave me a much better insight into the different careers that are out there, and which ones might suit me. I also made some great connections and now have a growing professional network.

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