Cole Demetriades, a mentor from London, tells us about a surprise reunion with his former mentee Guled.

Helping Guled become employable

I started volunteering with Career Ready as a mentor because I wanted to help young people experience the world of work. In 2018 I was matched with a mentee called Guled.

During our year together we spent a lot of time chatting, having a laugh and just getting to know each other. My goal was to help Guled become employable, so I helped him build out his LinkedIn profile, create a CV, and apply for jobs. I wasn’t sure the mentorship was strictly his idea, and I had to work pretty hard to convince him I was worth spending time with, but we got there eventually.

A surprise reunion

Fast forward four years to January 2022, at my employer heycar, and I’m being introduced to our newest probationary pass and top performing eCommerce sales specialist – it was Guled!

It was such a nice surprise to be reunited with him and an incredibly rewarding moment for me.

To anyone thinking of becoming a mentor I would say – go for it. Gift a young person the benefit of wisdom you wish you’d had 20 years ago!

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