Tegan Duffy, alumni of The King Edmund School in Essex, is a Career Ready graduate who enjoyed a six-week internship with Baker McKenzie in 2015. Here, she shares how the experience has provided her with the skills and confidence to kick-start a successful future.

When I first became involved with Career Ready I was studying for my A-levels and working part-time at my local hairdressers. I was starting to give serious thought about my future and I knew that joining the Career Ready programme would help prepare me for the world of work and provide opportunities to pursue my chosen career.

Thanks to Career Ready I was able to get a six-week internship at Baker McKenzie in the summer of 2015, which I think has been the single biggest influence on my career. It showed me what the world of work was like in London and I made lots of great connections. I was also able to develop my skill-set and learn the importance of things like being punctual and organised in the workplace. I really enjoyed my internship and how it helped me grow as a person, so I delighted when they offered me a Legal Administrator Apprenticeship.

Following my apprenticeship at Baker McKenzie, I’m now working there full-time as a Legal Administrator which I’m over the moon about!

I would recommend joining Career Ready to any student because it really does open up amazing opportunities for you, enables you to develop new skills, and decide on a potential career path. Speaking from personal experience, I know that I wouldn’t be enjoying life at Baker McKenzie without Career Ready helping me to find the route I wanted and the internship to get me there!

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