Zahrah Aljurani, from Lambeth College in London, is our National 2022 Student on the Year. Here, she shares how a six-week paid internship at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and the support from her mentor, Laura, gave her the skills and confidence to kickstart a rewarding future.

Finding my career path

I was always motivated to have a career but I just didn’t know in what. I liked the idea of being a pharmacist but I didn’t know what I needed to do to get there. The Career Ready programme helped me find myself. From being matched to an amazing mentor to completing an internship and learning lots of new skills.

During my time on the Career Ready programme, I completed a six-week internship at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital cancer centre where I was assigned to assist at the front desk and in the outpatient reception. I also got the opportunity to interact with a lot of senior members of the team, which developed my confidence and networking skills.

During my internship I also learnt new skills like multitasking and improved on the ones I already had, like communication and teamwork. I enjoyed every aspect of the internship, but the part that made my day was speaking to patients and making them smile.

The support of my mentor

My mentor Laura really helped me prepare for my interview at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and supported me throughout the whole internship. She helped me to prepare my final presentation which was described as ‘well-structured and clear, presented with confidence and enthusiasm.’

Laura really helped me through the career Ready programme. She was the reason I was able to test for dyslexia and knew how to support me with it, ensuring that it didn’t hold me back in anyway.

Laura helped me with my CV, getting me to reflect on all the things I’d developed and achieved during the Career Ready programme. She also assisted me in conducting research and determining what I needed to obtain to pursue an MPharm degree at a good university.

Growing in confidence

I have developed a lot throughout my time on the Career Ready programme, much of which is due to Laura’s support. During the programme my confidence grew and grew and eventually I’d be the first person to ask a question at school or during a Career Ready masterclass.

From a shy, uncertain student Zahrah is now confident and fearless. She has moved, with courage, beyond her comfort zone in so many ways and I commend her on her unbelievable growth.

Laura Flynn, City University London, Zahrah’s mentor

Currently I’m in my final year of college and majoring in applied science. I’m hoping to acquire the results I need to pursue an MPharm degree at university. Career Ready, and in particular the internship, have enabled me to stand out from the crowd in my personal statement.

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