Will Arthur from Colchester Institute experienced a paid internship at Braintree Council and mentoring from Samantha from Coast Digital. Here, he shares how the experience helped him develop the skills, confidence and experience to kickstart a rewarding and successful future.

Before starting my Career Ready journey, I knew very little about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to get there. I did not how to conduct myself in a professional way, I was nervous in any kind of formal situation and I’d had my confidence knocked down during my time at a previous college. At 17, I had decided that I could no longer carry on this way and I knew I needed to do something to better myself, but I had no idea what. It was at this point I found Colchester Institute and the Career Ready programme.

The Career Ready programme was exactly what I needed to get me to a place where I was able to be happy. The classes helped me understand what I wanted to achieve and set out a clear plan of how to get there. The teachers were able to provide in-depth understanding and help based on their real-life experiences. Mentoring helped me gain confidence, techniques for managing myself and my career and an industry expert with a strong network of useful contacts. The workplace visits showed a variety of different careers that were available within the industry, many of which I was not aware of beforehand. And finally, the internship gave me an excellent chance to gain industry experience and develop both soft and hard skills.

Following on from the highly successful internship, I was offered a part-time job that over time has moved into a full-time job including a promotion. I am currently 19 and already doing a job that I love, straight off the back of college and I know I would not be here without the huge amount of skills and support that Career Ready was able to offer me.

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