Who are you?

My name is Jane Goldsmith and I’m a Marketing and Business Consultant and mentor to Andrea Tarasheva on the Career Ready programme.

Why did you decide to become a mentor?

I have always enjoyed mentoring staff as part of my senior management responsibilities. It gives me great satisfaction to watch someone develop a new skill or take on board a piece of advice and go on to use this to their advantage to improve their work and career. 

I believe in passing on good advice to the next generation that was once given to me.

What were the benefits for you?

I enjoyed seeing Andrea grow in confidence. It was wonderful to watch her develop skills and to think about new career opportunities as a result.

Asking a young person a question and seeing them work out the answer for themselves is a personal joy. They sometimes give you a better answer than the one you had prepared!

Where do you think you had the biggest impact?

Helping Andrea develop and use new skills, and finding a way of demonstrating these to employers. Andrea is determined and very able student, and she was on track to perform well academically so she needed to show her thoughtful and resolute personality and growing skills.

Through our discussions, she began to volunteer as the Head of the Student Council at college and other charity work. Andrea secured an internship with Morgan Stanley through Career Ready, which she successfully completed to her credit. All these experiences really began to show Andrea’s developing skills and gave her a foundation for continuing her academic and professional career.

Why would you recommend becoming a mentor?

When you are given a good piece of advice, you remember not only the advice but the value of the individual that gave it to you.

Career Ready’s network of schools and colleges enables you to pass on advice that can make all the difference. 

Someone once told me when I was younger to volunteer. It changed my life and I am thrilled to pass that on. Career Ready is a great organisation that can help you do just that.