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Career Ready breaks down barriers for young people

Cardiff & Vale College has been a Career Ready partner school since 2009. Here, they share how being part of the Career Ready network has helped their students prepare for successful futures. 

Working with Career Ready has enabled our students to access high profile, successful companies and provide them with a real insight into the world of work. It has had a huge impact on our students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of the workplace. 

Career Ready breaks down barriers and allows young people to establish business relationships, creating a network of opportunities to aid future progression.

Cardiff & Vale College Leadership Team

 Through the programme, our students have received masterclasses on the skills needed for career success, internships and visits at companies at places such as Wates, and one-to-one mentoring from a business professional who has supported them in: 

  • Presenting themselves professionally 
  • Identifying personal strengths and skills in need of further improvement
  • Exploring different career paths 
  • Developing key skills such as personal resilience, taking responsibility and goal setting

I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t taken part in Ready programme, but I can definitely say I wouldn’t be as confident and happy as I am now without it. Career Ready truly has changed everything for me and my future is so bright. 

Danielle Halford, Career Ready graduate

As a college, we’re committed to developing this programme further and extending it to all areas of the College –  as we firmly believe that all learners should have the opportunity to benefit from Career Ready.

Watching the transformation of a student from the beginning of the academic year to graduation is just the best job in the world.

Career Ready Manager, Cardiff & Vale College

One particular challenge we’ve had in recent years is that we have lots of students transferring from Welsh speaking schools and we had very little support in helping them to make this transition. Working with past and present Career Ready students, we set up a student bilingual advisory board to feed ideas into our main advisory board. This has really helped our Welsh language students and it’s been amazing to see our former Career Ready students return to support current students. 

It means so much to us to be involved with Career Ready as it really does change the lives of our students. It transforms the learning experience and progression opportunities for our students, helping them to become more confident, and become successful employers of the future. 

Our Success Stories 

Our students are proof that the programme really does change lives. Here are some of our success stories with Cardiff and Vale College:

Learn more about how Career Ready works with schools & colleges across the UK to help young people kickstart success futures. 

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