Eilidh Morrison from Kemnay Academy, our Aberdeenshire Student of the Year, shares how her internship at Aberdeenshire Council has helped her prepare for the world of work.

Before I started the Career Ready programme I always kept very much in my comfort zone. Being mentored by Derek and having an internship at Aberdeenshire completely changed this and the experience has really helped me to grow as a person.

Derek helped to improve my self-confidence and he taught me important workplace skills, such as how to build a great CV and become self-organised and work proactively. The best part of my time interning at Aberdeenshire Council was getting firsthand experience of a professional workplace, carrying out design work for all the different departments was also a lot of fun.

My time at Aberdeenshire Council has helped me to decide exactly what I want to do after leaving school.  

The next steps of my career journey are to study visual communication (graphic design) and then hopefully get a graphic design related job. I genuinely have a real passion for design and my time at Aberdeenshire Council has made me even more determined to forge a career in this field.

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