Roan Latimer from BlackRock, Edinburgh, first experienced the Career Ready programme as a student. Now nine years later he explains why he volunteers his time as a mentor and why giving back is so important.

Having previously been mentored when I first came to Scotland nine years ago and really valuing the experience, I was keen to return the favour. I think it’s important that young people have the chance to understand working environments better.

Seeing my mentee, Louis, take every opportunity to enhance his chances of getting what he wants and really driving his own career forward was very rewarding. Over the course of the internship, he completely came out of his shell, becoming extremely confident and developing his skill set enough to actually move into an accounting firm shortly after the internship finished.

Being a Career Ready mentor has been beneficial for my own development too. I have a much better understanding of what it’s like to manage an individual and the time and effort that is needed to help drive their success.

Absolutely I would recommend being a Career Ready volunteer. Young people at that stage need help to understand the different skill sets required for the world of work. Watching the development you have supported and sculpted is really worthwhile.

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