Mistura Alogba from Sydenham School in London completed an internship with Bupa within the Sustainability & Corporate Affairs team, here she tells us what she learnt and how it opened her eyes to the world of work.

An insight into the organisation

I wanted to do an internship with Bupa to get an insight into the organisation and how it ran, and to find out whether a career in the health sector was for me. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed getting to meet new people from across the team at Bupa and having the chance to build my professional network. I got an insight into the day-to-day of a workplace, sit in on meetings and observe the delivery of training and wellbeing sessions. I was also able help with the Bupa Foundation charity impact report which was really interesting.

This experience gave me an insight into the workplace that you just can’t teach in a classroom.

Developing my strengths, weaknesses, and employability skills

The internship helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses whilst giving me the opportunity to develop them with the help of my internship supervisor. I was also able to work on my employability skills like time management and critical thinking. 

My internship at Bupa opened my eyes to various pathways that could be available to me in an organisation within the health sector. 

Go for it!

The main piece of advice that I would give to anyone who is interested in an internship is to go for it! You will not regret it at all, it will be an amazing experience.

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