In the summer of 2019, Citi Group hosted over 100 Career Ready interns, providing them with four weeks of paid experience across the organisations. Kitty Sullivan, an intern in the EMEA Public Affairs team, sat down with her fellow intern, Kelly Jordan-Frederick, to chat about what it’s like to spend a month working at Citi Group. 

Kitty: Kelly, what does your day look like?
Kelly: My hours at Citi are 9 am-5 pm, so I will usually get in around 8:45 in order to get ready for the day ahead. I start by checking my emails and replying to any requests. Afterwards, I will complete any existing tasks that I need to finish. If everything is completed, I take the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned so far before asking my line manager what’s next.

I often attend meetings with my line manager, Phuong, as well as a masterclass led by a Citi employee, that teaches me something different about Citi every time I attend. I’m finding working to be so different than being at college every day. I am getting the opportunity to work with experienced employees, whilst learning new skills.

Kitty: What do you think about your experiences at Citi so far?
Kelly: Citi has been very welcoming, which is why I am really enjoying this opportunity! I’m learning new skills and have already met some of my personal objectives from this internship like building connections, working well within teams and knowing my career path. My tasks vary from management analysis to interpreting data into graphs. This has helped strengthen my skills in Microsoft Excel.

Kitty: What did you hope to achieve after your 4 weeks here at Citi?
Kelly: When I started the internship, I was keen to develop my understanding of how a business like Citi works. I was interested in finding out more about what people do on a day-to-day basis and I also was interested in building my network. Since being at Citi, I have attended team meetings, which has exposed me to a number of different roles and employees in Finance.

Kitty: What has surprised you the most?
Kelly: I was most surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone at Citi is, they were all always willing to help me. I was also surprised by learning about all the different teams in Finance and what they do. Every employee comes from such diverse backgrounds and Citi really encourages a community. For example, in the internship, all the Career Ready interns attended a volunteer event at Mile End Park for Global Community Day. It was a really exciting day for the interns and provided us with insight into how Citi gets involved in the community and programmes like Career Ready, and why it matters.

Kitty: Expectation versus reality, what has stood out to you at Citi?
Kelly: I thought Citi was going to be a lot stricter, however, my manager treats me like any other employee here at Citi. Also being in the Finance team, I thought it was going to be all maths, but I am also doing a lot of
analysis and economics.

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