For over 17 years we’ve connected young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with inspiring mentors, helping them to kickstart the successful and rewarding careers their talent deserves. 

Schools & Colleges

Our mentoring programme is a proven, high-impact, no-cost way of ensuring that your young people have additional support in making informed decisions about their future education and career.

We work across the UK, in partnership with 300+ schools/colleges, to provide disadvantaged young people aged 14-18 with inspiring mentors from the world of work.

We specialise in supporting young people who lack the opportunities, networks, and confidence to reach their potential, providing them with the support they need to kickstart a rewarding and successful future. 

How it works

Our mentoring programme is a series of monthly meetings, each one building on the last, between a Career Ready student and a volunteer from the world of work.

Taking place in the mentor’s workplace or the student’s school/college, each meeting lasts an hour and focuses on a different aspect of the student’s career and education journey.

There is no cost to our partner schools & colleges for our mentoring programme. 

We have two mentoring programmes available: 

  • Y10: running from Jan - Dec  
  • Y12/13: running from Jan - Dec 

Over the course of the programme, students, with their mentors, reflect on their progress mapped against our Skills for Career Success learning outcomes. Including:

  • Communications & Networking
  • Organisational Skills
  • Managing Myself
  • Problem Solving & Analysis

All Career Ready mentors are DBS-checked and advised on safe-guarding principles and codes of conduct prior to being matched with a young person.

Find out more about our mentoring sessions in our Student Logbook.


Career Ready mentors can transform lives, providing their mentee with the skills, confidence, and attitude to reach their potential and kickstart a rewarding future.

Last year, we supported 4,000+ young people on our mentoring programme.

98% of our students went onto a positive destination after graduating from the programme, compared to the national average of 89%, with a growing number selecting to do degree apprenticeship in a business they know.

Being mentored by Alan has changed my life. Meeting with him, learning about his career journey, and how hard he worked to become a Director at Portland Communications, has been so inspiring and beneficial to me.

Jephta Asamoah, Barking & Dagenham College. Click here to read his story. 

Find out more in our latest annual Impact Report

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Volunteers & Employers

Becoming a Career Ready mentor is a fun, flexible way to inspire a young person, unlock their true potential, and guide them through the early stages of their career journey. 

How it works 

You’ll meet with a young person aged 14-18 on a monthly basis, at your workplace or their school/college. Meetings last approximately an hour. 

Together, you’ll speak about their different career options & pathways, helping them to understand more about the world of work and the skills they'll need to kickstart a rewarding future. We have a range of support and guidence documents, and briefing sessions, to make your volunteering experience straightforward. 

We have two mentoring options available:

• Jan - Dec with Year 10 students (aged 14/15)* 
• Jan-Dec with Year 12/13 students (aged 16-18)

*Only available in select areas

The difference you’ll make

By sharing your professional and life experience you’ll help them:

  • Identify their personal strengths and skills for development
  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Explore different career paths and how to navigate towards them
  • Gain real experience of the world of work e.g. by visiting you at your office

Becoming a Career Ready mentor is also a great way of growing your professional skill set, developing your leadership, guidance, and relationship building skills. It can also count towards your organisation's CPD scheme. 

Mentoring a young person is such a rewarding experience. Watching them identify areas where they want to improve and watch them achieve their goals is a great feeling.

Christopher George, Aviva. Click here to read his story. 

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