From a personal point of view there is something almost magical in watching the transformation of students. Thinking that I could have helped one student change their future direction, would make 20 years of mentoring worthwhile.

Barry Sewell, UK BPO Service Delivery Leader at RSA

We all have to start somewhere. But not everyone has the advantage of friends and families to act as role models. That’s why we need people like you to mentor a Career Ready student. 

A mentor is a student’s guide, sounding board and critical friend. As a mentor, you have a real chance to unlock a student’s potential and help them flourish as they start their journey from education to the workplace.

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How does it work?

You will be matched with a student and meet up with them regularly over a 12 month period from January to December . Students and mentors will meet face to face, usually in the mentor’s workplace, but will also meet three times as a group in their school or college. These group meetings will give you the opportunity to meet other mentors, share best practice and meet your student’s peers

Meetings will usually last 90 minutes and you can arrange them at a time convenient to both of you. Together you can:

  • Reflect on recent or upcoming activities, reinforcing the learning with real life examples
  • Give them tips on business culture and workplace etiquette
  • Practise skills from time management to problem solving or interview techniques
  • Widen their network of contacts and help them learn how to connect

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Our work together has been around feeding back on progress and setting higher and longer goals. We have discussed coursework and universities but more so extra-curricular CV building via volunteering, work experience and part time roles.

Paul Jones, Lloyds Banking Group

Career Ready has been working with volunteers for over a decade and we will give you structured support and online training. Our aim is to make sure that both you and the student you are mentoring get the most out of this potentially life-changing experience. 

Our mentors have a wide range of backgrounds from recent graduates to managing directors, in both the public and private sector. 

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Becoming a mentor gives you a range of benefits including developing coaching skills and spotting future talent for your company, but it’s the feeling you get from knowing you’ve had a real impact on a young person’s life that is so special.

Having a mentor in business really helped me to focus on what I wanted to do. I realised that even though I’d always thought university was the right path for me, I wanted to get on the career ladder and earn while I learned.

Dale Wylie, Career Ready student, now working for the Virgin Trains Red Track Programme

75% of those surveyed experienced professional development as a result of becoming a Career Ready mentor.

FreshMinds Research: Working With Young People Benefits to Business

Make a difference – become a Career Ready mentor today.