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Career Ready

A complete 360 degree preparation for the world of work, including one-to-one mentoring, skills masterclasses, and experiences of work, for post-16 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Our programme

Ready for anything

Behind the statistics, our students’ experiences are truly transformational. The personal development gained through the support of a volunteer mentor and the real experience of the world of work – these are life-changing opportunities.

“I went through a very bumpy time but my mentors, Danielle and Lara, helped me see my full potential. The journey that I’ve been on has been magical.”

Angel, 2019 alumni

Changes to our programme in response to COVID-19. Please note, many of our programme activities will be conducted online until our network of schools and employers are in agreement that it is safe and right to reintroduce our face-to-face experiences.
Our skills framework

Skills for Career Success

We measure the impact of our programmes using a set of outcomes designed in partnership with employers and educators, mapped to the level and intensity of each programme.

Students assess their Skills for Career Success at key points, which they reflect upon with their mentors in monthly meetings.

I can react positively to change and see challenges as a way to improve my skill set. 

I do this by:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve my skills
  • Taking the initiative
  • Being open minded and understanding different jobs will exist in the future.

I communicate well and feel confident getting to know new people.

I do this by:

  • Listening effectively 
  • Asking relevant questions
  • Being able to confidently introduce myself to new people and speak about myself

I am able to think of my own ideas and how they relate to the task I am working on.

I do this by:

  • Understanding creativity is about ideas and how we develop them
  • Using my imagination to think of new ideas 
  • Thinking of ways to improve something and explaining why

I can identify careers and understand the entry requirements and skills that are needed.

I do this by:

  • Understanding jobs and how suited I am to any opportunity
  • Preparing for interviews 
  • Maintaining an up to date personal development record

I am responsible for my own behaviour and can organise my time to achieve my goals. 

I do this by:

  • Planning, organising and thinking about my priorities
  • Taking responsibility for my actions and decisions
  • Using positive and negative feedback to help me develop

I can analyse problems and develop a plan to solve them.

I do this by:

  • Reviewing relevant information
  • Thinking about how my actions affect situations
  • Talking with relevant people or groups
I am able to work with others to achieve a set goal.

I do this by:

  • Building relationships
  • Being supportive to others
  • Respecting other people’s opinions, ideas, skills and values
Our network

“Career Ready breaks down barriers and allows young people to establish business relationships, creating a network of opportunities to aid future progression.”

Cardiff & Vale College Leadership Team

Sixth Forms and        colleges

We work closely with every school and college to manage our programme and deliver life-changing outcomes for learners.

Together, we support students with awareness-raising, application and participation, through to progressing into a positive next step on their chosen career and education path.

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Employers and volunteers

Our growing employer network ensures that young people are able to develop the workplace experiences, support, and skills they need to prepare for the world of work. The range of employers, across different sectors and sizes, provide an amazing network within which lie the opportunities for students to explore.

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Our impact

Strength in numbers

Behind the statistics, students’ experiences are truly transformational. The personal development gained through the support of a mentor and real experience of the world of work can be life-changing.

our impact

“My mentor guided me through so many things, including university applications and my internship at Citi. Her advice helped me stay motivated.”

Usama, 2015 alumni

“My internship at Wates gave me a much better understanding of a professional environment and I was able to develop my workplace skills first hand.”

Nia, 2019 alumni

of students progress onto positive destinations in education or employment
of students said Career Ready raised their career aspirations
of students would recommend the Career Ready programme
of Career Ready students said that communication & networking is now a skill strength
Recent success stories

Success stories

We’re proud of the progress our young people make, their transformational relationships with our volunteers and the often life-changing experiences of the world of work provided by our employer supporters.

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